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Criminal defense alternative sentencing provides individuals charged with a drug-related crime with the opportunity to avoid incarceration by going to rehab and getting the appropriate treatment.

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Conducted by a certified addiction specialist, you can know definitively whether or not you have an addiction. During these evaluations, our professionals will use any and all necessary screening tools to determine the truth.

In the event you do have a substance abuse problem, we will let you know how long it has negatively impacted your life as well as its severity. Additionally, our team will determine if you have a co-occurring mental illness among other concerns. Whether it’s court-ordered, for the Department of Transportation, family court, for an employer, or anyone else, these evaluations find whether or not a person is abusing substances.

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Because each client’s needs are unique and every plan is customized, please contact us today to schedule an assessment.Pricing will vary on a case-by-case basis.


Opt for the simplicity of cash payments and leave insurance worries behind!

Second Chance Rehab Center is a one stop treatment center that provides a wide range of services for patients seeking an addiction free life. Let us help you, contact us today!


We encourage you to contact us today.

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